t h e   d i s t r i c t  


 Brantôme 10km

This beautiful medieval town with its troglodyte monastery, its monks' garden and quaint old shopping streets, sits under the limestone cliffs in a bend of the river Dronne and is known as the "Venise du Perigord".

The town dates back to the 700's and was visited by the Vikings who sailed up the river in 848 and destoyed the monastery. It was rebuilt a hundred years later and then again in the 1400's.

You can hire canoes or take boat rides on the encircling branch of the river, visit the market or just stroll around and feed the ducks. A visit to the monastery caves is well worth it and you can finish up with a meal at one of the underground restaurants along the riverbank.




St Jean de Côle   9km

Stroll the narrow alleys past the church and the chateau, sit under the plane trees on the Village Green or take a break in one of the restaurants of this picturesque little village further up the Côle river valley.




Château de Puyguilhem  7km

Villars caves  7km

Champagnac de Belair  6km 

7km to the north you can visit the small Château de Puyguilhem and the Grottes de Villars. On the cave tour you'll see impressive limestone formations and a Cro-magnon painting of a horse. For more of this there's Lascaux only an hour and a half to the south-east.

On the way back there's Champagnac de Belair, a quaint little town with a very good restaurant down by the Dronne. 




Périgueux  28km 
Périgueux is the main city and capital of the Dordogne Département: It began as the Roman city of Vesuna and you can visit the old Roman arena and a new museum showcasing the remains of a Roman villa. 
It's a bustling small city with shops, cafes, supermarkets, cinemas, cathedral, and a restored old quarter where you can stroll around and visit the truffle, foiegras and fresh produce markets




Bourdeilles  19km 

Going west along the Dronne valley from Brantôme you'll see impressive rock formations and then the beautiful town of Bourdeilles. Here you can visit the chateau, the old bridge or just sit down in a cafe in the main street.




 Château de Hautefort   35km 

Impressive Chateau and gardens open to the public.




Jumilhac Le Grand   30km

Another you can visit. Not to be confused with Petit Jumilhac which is a very small village and church
just 3km up the back road from La Chapelle Faucher.