wirwar 8 wednesday friday sunday 16.00

kerst oud en nieuw christmas edition




a n d f r o m  t h e   I U T 

P é r i g u e u x  B o r d e a u x   I V
Assisted by Radio Aquitaine Manager Jillian Hocking and Vent D'Ouest presenter, Marie Dominique Privé 5 students at the University have been learning the skills of making radio programmes. Listen to their work at 900 or 1900. See schedule IUT Perigueux.


Jillian Hocking and Alex Court

visit The France Show in London

see schedule Stax de Wax

09.00 19.00





Vent D'Ouest's

Marie Dominique Privé

speaks with painter sculptor

Emmanuel Michel

wednesday monday 17.00

vent d'ouest 21


o n  r a d i o   a q u i t a i n e

Radio Aquitaine features English writer Madam Fiona Providing witty observations about moving her family, including her parents, from Wales to the Perigord. 

Bordeaux University Campus Radio
Didier Houde presents PAD: Prêt à Diffuser
Daily -
14.00 and 23.00
Explorative french programs featuring music and interviews with a variety of musicians, writers and artists living or travelling to Bordeaux.

New Dutch Program 
Wirwar with Henriette Peters 
Music and talk from the Perigord.
Mon Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun16.00 Tue Wed Sun 06.00

Latest program Wirwar 8 Wed Fri Sun 16.00 


w h o        w h e n

If you'd like to join our growing list of program makers, contact the Station Manager, Jillian Hocking -

Radio Aquitaine regulars:

Didier Houde - Prêt à Diffuser -14.00 and 23.00

Marie-Dominique Privé - Vent d'Ouest
07.00 and 17.00
Explorative french interviews with Aquitaine celebrities, movers and shakers.

Jillian Hocking - Relax with Stax de Wax, music and chat.

Bruce Kirkman - Woodstock Revisited (bilingual).

Radio France International - Easy to learn French language progamming. Short bilingual features:

L'Affaire du Coffret - 9.45

Mission Paris - 19.45 and 00.45 

Frances Beasley's Travel Reports - 9.45 and 19.45


Didier Houde presents Prêt à Diffuser

Interviews with Sébastien Barrier

Nedjma Benchaïb

and photographer Franck Loriou

See Schedule PAD 15

Saturday 14.00 Tuesday 23.00



o u r  p r o g r a m m i n g

Radio Aquitaine broadcasts in French and English - in single language and bilingual format. We encourage  presenters to seamlessly weave between both  languages.

We aim to develop our own innovative and experimental broadcast style and program formats, challenging the more rigid approach expected in traditional anglo-saxon public broadcasting culture.

Responding to community demand we are currently developing a Dutch program option. Our homepage will also be featured in Dutch.

By fostering a greater interest in each other's culture and language, and promoting mutual respect and understanding, we hope to build a more cohesive community.

Want to get involved? See Volunteer vacancies



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Media Partners


Nick Radcliffe
Voiceover Actor and Musician